The Perfect Garden for Those Without a Yard 

 November 3, 2020

By  Jocelyn Hicks

We all get tired of laboring in the garden only to find a garden grinch has gotten into the patch. To find a lifestyle solution, we like the idea of growing your garden vertically.

A vertical garden is perfect for someone with no yard at all. Apartment dwellers could hang this on a balcony or in a patio, or even out the window!

You probably won’t be growing corn and squash in these repurposed planters, but from the looks of it, you should be able to get a pretty impressive herb garden growing.

Check out some of these vertically cool ideas:

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A close up of a flower garden

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Vertical Wooden Box Planter

A group of green plants

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A close up of a green plant

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Jocelyn Hicks

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